About us
The Village House Nursery School at Langton Green
“One must have a great love for, and understanding of, each individual child”
We Aim to…

· Provide for all the children in our care, a safe, secure and nurturing environment in which each child feels confident to explore and experiment
· Encourage enquiring minds and motivation for future learning
·  Promote equality and value diversity in all areas of our nursery
· Work in partnership with parents/carers in order to meet each child’s needs....

For the children to...

. Be healthy individuals with a positive sense of self
. To become independent learners and develop curiosity about the world around them
. Begin to understand and respect diversity
. Express their views and opinions whilst respecting those of others
. Begin to develop their creativity
Additional and Special Needs

As part of our setting policy we take account of any additional or special needs a child may have in order to ensure that the provision meets the needs of each individual. The setting works to the requirements of the 1993 Education Act and the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice. We have a designated Additional Educational Learning (AEL) Needs Co-ordinator who is also qualified as a lead professional SENCo
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